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How to use this guide

Before your appointment Check the boxes that indicate your symptoms and use the notes section to provide additional details.
At the start of your appointment Show your nurse and physician your Symptoms Summary.
During your appointment With your physician, explore and compare diagnostic and treatment options.

Symptoms summary

I experience these symptoms:

Are you experiencing infertility?
Do you wish to avoid hormonal treatment?
Do you wish to avoid a hysterectomy?
Do you wish to preserve fertility?

Questions for your physician

What may be causing my symptoms?

How will you diagnose the cause?

What treatment options do you recommend?

*Endometrial ablation is for women who do not wish to become pregnant. It is not safe to do so after this treatment. 

Next steps

Blood work?

How did it go?

Were you heard?
Were you offered all available options?
Were you given a specific treatment plan?
Were your values and needs prioritized?
Do you need a second opinion?

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